Slightly brain-dead, but still marching on

I was sick yesterday, but I still spent most of the daylight on the Arrays & Iteration section, completing it by the day’s end.  I also helped a few people on the chat as much as I could.  I still have yet to figure out what the karma point system is used for.  Strange thing is that I seem to be doing a lot of the answering on’s chat system.

I covered basic arrays, how to iterate (operating on each member of the array) and worked on several labs covering both topics.

Today, I did some of the Enumerables section and spent a little over an hour trying to help someone on their code.  I saw people asking questions, but was too brain dead to help more than just that one person.  I haven’t seen too many Flatiron-specific people on the chat lately.

So far from what I understand, enumerables help to iterate over arrays (and hashes).  Methods like .each, .collect, .map, etc. work with each member inside the collection.  I also completed a couple of the labs, which are my favorite part, even though sometimes the tests can be a little frustrating when you can’t always figure out what exactly they are looking for.

I also received an email about Bloc having a $3k scholarship, but they are much more expensive($24K at the time I’m writing this), although they may be worthwhile.  They also have payment plans and I had an inkling of trying their demo account as they also have a job guarantee.  I’m not sure if I will follow through on that or not.  I think a part of me just wants to stick with the decision I’ve made so that I can keep moving forward instead of rethinking and starting from scratch with another school.


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